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    Wuhan Kingsrich International Trade Co.,Ltd. which was founded in 2008 specializes in garment export trade. The company has the best technology department of garment export industry in central China, and constructs the supply chain of Hubei garment industry. In recent years, Kingsrich has established a rapid response mechanism, promoted cross-border transactions, and realized a type of supply chain management model which is operated on data-driven platform. At the same time, Kingsrich actively promotes advanced production technology and equipment, also makes great efforts to realize the modernization of "intelligent factory" and focuses on building an intelligent manufacturing ecosphere. Our core value is to continuously offer our customers with excellent services.


    Our customer

    Kingsrich International has become a strategic partner with lots of international fast fashion brands with our efficient management, flexible mechanism and ability of innovation. Production market covers more than 30 national pavilions and regions in Europe and the United States. In 2016, Kingsrich is honored with the “Golden supply” of H&M and C&A. 



    Our product

    Kingsrich International Trade Co., Ltd. is skilled in manufacturing woven casual wear, trench coats, leisure suits, down jacket and etc. 


    Manufacturing & Equipment

    Kingsrich International Trade Co.,Ltd. Invested in an industry zone for garment manufacturing. Our four owned factories have over 70 production lines with an annual 9 million pieces of production capacity. With four owned factories as a core, Kingsrich has more than 10 strategic partners, over 20 stable and excellent cooperative factories. Now Kingsrich has become one of the largest garment production bases of over 20 European and North American countries.

    As for quality, speed or service, Wuhan Kingsrich always keeps far ahead! In the new era of development opportunities, Wuhan Kingsrich persists in the pursuit of perfection and devotes more to realize the standardized operation with more specialized management methods. Wuhan Kingsrich is looking forward to cooperate with you to stand the test of the fierce market competition and embrace a win-win future!




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